Unlike conventional lettuce that begins to wilt after just a day or two, organic Living Lettuce remains at peak freshness.


The greens are grown in a hydroponic medium for about six weeks at ORGANO GARDENS® farms', where nutrients are added throughout the process of growth.

Our Living Lettuce is  sold with the root ball still intact, ensuring maximum freshness and nutrition.


Butter Head

Full and dense with a rich flavour that is slightly sweet and almost buttery.

Butter Head.jpeg


Upright, dense heads produce long hearts with good flavour and crunch.


Red Crisp

Adds an attractive pop of colour to any salad!

Red Crisp.jpg

Green Crisp

Extra wavy leaves that are crip and flavourful.

Green Crisp.jpg

Oak Leaf

Tender and springy leaves with a delicate, mild flavour.

Oak Leaf.jpeg
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                       LIVING LETTUCE