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Unlike conventional lettuce that begins to wilt after just a day or two and needs to be re-hydrated on the grocers' shelves, organic living lettuce remains at peak freshness. The greens are grown in a hydroponic medium for about six weeks at ORGANO GARDENS® farms', where nutrients are added throughout the process of growth.

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Our debut variety of living lettuce was the heat tolerant green butter head. These heads are full and dense with a rich flavor that is sweet slightly and almost buttery.

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This variety with its extra wavy leaves and light green color form dense heads. They can be harvested as a mini or left to bulk up into large, heavy, full size heads. These leaves are crisp and flavorful.

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With thick, crisp, red leaves the flavor of this variety is robust. The darker red color of this head is visually appealing although its flavor profile is not as sweet as our other varieties.

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