The Future of Food Sustainability




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We support local food diversity and understand that conventional agriculture is vital in order to feed our growing population. We drive this forward with our team of multi-talented, proactive and forward thinking individuals that continually work towards the company’s ethos.  However, sustainable greenhouse hydroponics increases production, diversity of local foods, and more than doubles our growing season; all while using less resources. We designed our greenhouses specifically for extreme weather, dark winters, and most importantly food safety. We’ve eliminated all food safety concerns by having a completely sanitized environment with traceability and minimal human contact, because we felt that the farmer should take the precaution, no you. Lastly, automation optimizes atmospheric conditions to the plants specific liking which allows for faster growth - resulting in more food while using less land. Our goal is to tackle food sustainability within the region. In addition, we strive towards community development, minimizing our ecological footprint, and simultaneously being positive role models for the upcoming generation.

Organo Garden Logo FAW-03.png

Trinidad & Tobago

The Land of Oil & Gas

Trinidad and Tobago’s dependency on the Oil and Gas industry has resulted in the neglect of our agricultural sector and a myriad of problems such as heavy pesticide use, low crop yields, unstable market prices for smaller farmers, lack of job opportunities and skills based internships for young persons as well as decent work for migrant workers.

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