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The Future of Farming

At Organo Gardens, we believe in the intelligence of nature, the science of agriculture and the art of innovation.

Driven by the future of farming, our mission is to revolutionize the agricultural sector as we know it by blending technology and innovation with people and passion to create state of the art hydroponics that go beyond supporting local and regional farmers, but instead, support, nourish and protect our people and our planet. 

Whilst we understand that conventional farming methods have played a vital role in feeding our growing population, our brand is unconventional by nature. We push boundaries, blaze trails and redefine the science of farming. Integrating advanced technology with human-to-human connection, our team of multi-talented, proactive and forward thinking individuals are dedicated to reaping a better future for our farmers, our Earth and our community, from the ground-up.

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Harlon Mark

The Founder

Our Team

Hey There,

I’m Harlon! On an official note: I’m the director at Organo Gardens and builder of Commercial Hydroponic Farms with global recognition for innovations in the agricultural sector in 2019. On a real note: I’m just a man with an unshakable passion to revolutionize the agro-sector from the ground-up.

It all began 15-years ago. I was a young entrepreneur with a raging drive to make a difference in the world. At the time, sharing my passion for developing the sector on deaf ears became somewhat of a routine for many years. It was just me and Joel back then, two guys with one vision and a whole lot of gumption. I wanted to make the really hard work associated with conventional agriculture easier, simpler and more efficient. This is where my proposed solution was born: to innovate commercial hydroponic crop production and implement greenhouse technology with stabilizing food production and prices as the core intent. And it was this very intent that fueled the sacrifice of my life's earnings towards its development. This is what makes my job as Organo Gardens CEO, more than just a title, but rather, a life's commitment.

Fast forward 15-years, I have an office, a big smile and an incredible army fighting with vigor towards food sustainability. Currently, my focus is rooted in modernizing an industry that has been neglected and unfairly labeled as tech-averse by supporting innovative leaders who are putting technology to work so they can create an agricultural landscape that the Gods would be proud of. 

Some may say I bleed Green, and to be honest, I do. I am the obsessed, impassioned commander of the Green Army, an elite force in the Caribbean’s agricultural sector, adamantly fighting towards food security. Blending the lifeforce of myself and team OG, I believe we’re en route to doing the unimaginable in food production, only doable by those who choose to persevere towards excellence, and that’s the beating, bleeding heart of Organo Gardens LLC.

JP Ramasir

Co-Founder and Director

You could say that I have been surrounded by agriculture my entire life, and in a very literal sense. Born and raised in a home-growing community, agriculture and sugarcane cultivation was second nature. A way of life. A daily dedication to growth. Some of my earliest memories include the sugarcane fields which bound my home.


I remember, as a student, a school project on a well-known international food brand had sparked my interest in agri-business. I had learned the founder’s story about how he had radically innovated a product - but it wasn’t just the innovation that was so inspiring, it was his uncompromising drive for quality, down to the very seeds which grew into the inputs.


So, years later, when a childhood friend and the now-Founder of Organo Gardens came to me with a bold vision to innovate the agricultural landscape, it deeply resonated with me. It inspired me to find a different way other than the labor-intensive forms of agriculture I had seen my entire life.


What started out as a shared vision, became a life’s journey and challenge to turn this vision into a tangible reality. To build something where we could be in control of our destiny, create impact and become 100% self-sustainable. I believed that together, it could be done. Born out of a desire to make waves and create sustainable job opportunities for my family, my community, and now on a larger scale than we could have ever imagined.


Fueled to do better and live greener, my purpose each and every day is not only dedicated to our loyal customers - delighting them with the best quality and price as possible - but also to our roots, our communities and to our planet, ensuring positive change for both today and tomorrow is at the forefront of our business, and our lives, always.

Brand Story

Farm with the next generation in mind.

Brand Story

Farming in our modern times is a tremendous task.

Although agriculture has been an integral part of our community, development and overall survival for thousands of years, and although we have come a long way in modernizing farming methods as we know them, there is still a large, neglected gap between the agro-sector and hungry mouths to feed.

With unpredictable weather patterns, pest plagues, strained resources, failed crop production, and minimized acres to cultivate with a fast-growing population; humanity rests on the precipice of a colossal global crisis.

So how can we restore the food chain, diversify the food supply and support our local and regional farmers in feeding our communities whilst optimizing their livelihood? 

It’s simple - through the art of innovation.

Unconventional by nature, we don’t believe the farming sector is tech-averse. Instead, we believe that farming has unexplored worlds whereby efficiency, optimization, and sustainability are at the forefront of the field. 


This is where we come in.

Organo Gardens have explored all corners of those worlds and have worked rigorously to bridge the gap between good farming and good food. Blending technology and innovation with people and passion, we have created automated solutions that revolutionize the agro-sector of today.

From state of the art hydroponic systems, and greenhouse-grade products to drones and artificial intelligence, our essential purpose is to allow technology to work synergistically with nature, which not only empowers farmers but also, sustains, nourishes, and protects the future of the next generation. 


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Rooted in sustainability, innovation and unwavering passion, our philosophy is founded on “farm with the next-generation in mind”.


Driven by the future of our planet and the wellbeing of our community, we are committed to integrating advanced technology with human-to-human connection to ensure food is diversified, farmers are supported and people are well-nourished, always.


By developing innovative farming techniques, we aim to minimize the wastage and pollution associated with conventional crop production, provide opportunities for professional career paths and contribute to national food security.


Whilst our philosophy is evergreen, our pursuit is ever-evolving. And just like the cyclical nature of seasons, we are dedicated to being a key constituent of that evolution. From modern growing techniques, better seeds, organic pest management, and more efficient ways to irrigate and fertigate without losing plant nutrients or potable water, Organo Gardens is here to farm today so we can flourish tomorrow. 

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Image by Erwan Hesry
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