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Prevent & Suppress Damaging Diseases With This Biological Fungicide! It contains the mycelium and spores of Streptomyces Strain K61, a naturally occurring bacterium derived from Sphagnum peat. It thrives in the root zone and controls some of the most destructive of plant pathogens, including damping-off, wilt and root diseases like Alternaria, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium, Phytopthora and Pythium.

3-Way Mode of Action:

• It rapidly colonizes plant roots, displacing the pathogenic fungi there and depriving it of nourishment.
• Acts as a hyperparasite by disrupting, and ultimately breaking down, the cell walls of the pathogens.
• Produces metabolites that constrain the plant pathogens but encourage the plant's defense mechanisms and promote healthy growth.

Additional Benefits of Mycostop:

• Approved for organic horticulture and agriculture.
• Disease protection lasts for weeks, but the long-lasting impact will be healthier plants and bigger yields.

• Compatible with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs.
• It poses no risk to beneficials and there is no risk of resistance being built up.
• Restricted Entry Interval (REI) of 4 hours.

For best results, Mycostop should be used preventatively. However, it can be used for an infestation; in which case, it should be applied at a higher rate and more frequently. Streptomyces Strain K61 will live in the rhizosphere and keep working for several weeks.




  • Storage: Mycostop contains living dried ray bacteria belonging to the genus Streptomyces whose viability and capacity to control plant pathogens are best retained by storing the product at a temperature below 45°F, either in a refrigerator or in a freezer.

    Mixing Technique:The Mycostop powder needs to be added first into a small amount of water, e.g. 0.25-0.5 gallons, and this is then allowed to stand for about 30 minutes.

    This procedure enables the microbes to become activated and for the powder to thoroughly absorb water.

    After half an hour, the mixture needs to be stirred and only then is it ready to be diluted to the final volume.

    Dilution Ration:Once opened, all of the contents of a package must be used at the same time because the Mycostop powder readily absorbs moisture from the surrounding air.

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